4,00€ Provision pro Lead!*

Affiliates earn money with mBUCKS! Find out more!

*Bei durchschnittlichen 10 SMS/Lead (Rechenbeispiel Australien)

Affiliate Banner

Take advantage now and become an affiliate with mBUCKS. If you operate your own website, you can easily earn money! This can be done by simply embedding a banner in your website.

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Affiliate Brand

mBUCKS provides you with the opportunity to offer an individual Premium-SMS chat portal under your own domain name. You choose the colour scheme and you can complement your site with your own logo.

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Whitelabel Solution

Whitelabel clients are provided with a hosted portal that is ready to use and is tailored to meet your specific needs. Whitelabel clients have complete control over website contents, as well as backend technologies.

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