Promote affiliates

Promote additional affiliates after registering and earn money off of their sales!

As soon as you are registered with mBUCKS, you automatically receive your personal affiliate link. All you have to do is pass along this link (e.g. in forums, e-mails, to familiar webmasters etc.). You automatically receive 10% of the sales generated by every affiliate that registered using this link. In your account, you can then conveniently view all the affiliates you have promoted and the commission they have generated.


John promotes Jane. John receives a 10% commission on Jane's sales. If, for example, Jane generates 1000€ each month, then John receives a monthly commission of 100€.

You earn when your affiliates promote further.

You will also receive a portion of sales from the affiliates promoted by your affiliates. In this case, you will receive an additional 5% of sales generated by the promoted affiliates.


Jane promotes Jack and, as described previously, she receives a 10% commission on Jack's sales. As John promoted Jane, John receives an additional 5% commission on Jack's sales.

mBUCKS is not a pyramid scheme!

The commission distributed for promoting affiliates comprises a maximum of two levels. This gives every affiliate a fair chance to earn money.


John no longer profits from Jim. Jane can therefore earn more money from her own promoting than John can, even though John promoted her originally.

Profit in numbers

Naturally, you can promote more than one affiliate and will receive the commission previously described for every promoted affiliate. This pays off in the long-run, as affiliates receive lifetime revenue shares.

Example 1 - John's numerous affiliates

If John promotes four affiliates, who generate monthly sales of 1000€, John receives 400€ every month. Furthermore, John receives 5% commission on Jack's sales.

Example 2 - Jane's numerous affiliates

Imagine: Jane promotes 10 "Jacks" and every "Jack" generates 1000€ in monthly sales. This means that Jane automatically receives 1000€ per month.

Jack, in turn, who had no direct influence on Jane's promoting, automatically receives 500€ per month - all for a one-time registration and subsequent promotion of four affiliates!

Example 3 - lots and lots of affiliates

Imagine that Jason, Jared and Jamal also promote 10 "Jacks"...