Take advantage now and become an affiliate with mBUCKS. If you operate your own website, you can easily earn money! This can be done by simply embedding a banner in your website.

Large commissions

Every time a visitor to your website sends a Premium-SMS, you receive a commission! The more Premium-SMS that are generated through your site(s), the larger the commissions are that we can offer.

Commission distribution process for banners:

  1. A visitor to your website clicks on a banner and is then redirected to the corresponding Premium-SMS chat portal.
  2. The visitor contacts a user profile (lead) by using the free web form.
  3. You receive commission for every Premium-SMS that a visitor sends in the following text message dialogue!

Overview of commissions

Free of charge

Embedding banners does not cost a thing! Banners are hosted on mBUCKS servers and therefore do not take away from your web space and the valuable traffic associated with it.

Significant statistical data

Watch how your leads, and the Premium-SMS they generate, develop.

Multinational banners

The country, in which visitors to your website are located, can be determined accurately by using geolocalisation. The banner is then displayed in the right language and is linked to the portal of the corresponding country. This ensures that you can receive commission for every visitor to your website.

You can see several sample banners here.

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