mBUCKS provides you with the opportunity to offer an individual Premium-SMS chat portal under your own domain name. You choose the colour scheme and you can complement your site with your own logo - we take care of the content, technical aspects and customer service.

Large commissions

Every time a visitor to your website sends a Premium-SMS, you receive a commission! The more Premium-SMS that are generated through your site(s), the larger the commissions are that we can offer.

Commission distribution process for brands:

  1. A visitor views your individualised Premium-SMS chat portal
  2. The visitor contacts a user profile (lead) by using the free web form.
  3. You receive commission for every Premium-SMS that a visitor sends in the following text message dialogue!

Overview of commissions

Choose different designs with your own logo

You can configure the colours for your portal's design online and then customise everything with your own logo!

Your brand under your own domain

Simply provide us with your domain name and we will provide you with instructions on how to change the name server entry. Now you have your customised Premium-SMS chat portal under your own domain!

Significant, independent statistical data

Watch how your leads, and the Premium-SMS they generate, develop. Furthermore, you can employ Google Analytics to more precisely analyse the traffic on your portal.

Reliable, modern technologies

Our team has been specialising in the development of and services for Premium-SMS chat portals since 2005. Thanks to up-to-date technologies like Ruby on Rails and AJAX, we can offer you highly modernised web 2.0 portals.

We provide maintenance and other services

Customer support, call center, software updates - we take care of it all. You do not have to do a thing.

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